Gaming Photo Album: Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight, as the conclusion the incredible Rocksteady-developed series, had a lot of expectation riding on it. Good, then, that it delivered. An epic and satisfying story, massive set pieces, and the mix of stealth and combat gameplay that made the series so popular. With the Photo Mode, you can capture Gotham and the … Continue reading Gaming Photo Album: Batman: Arkham Knight

Black Mirror Season 4 Review

Showrunner: Charlie BrookerAvailable on: NetflixRelease Date: Out Now -SPOILERS FOR BLACK MIRROR AHEAD- Since Black Mirror started in 2011 with the distinctly disturbing The National Anthem, there has been pretty much nothing else like it. The anthology format of technology-focused stories has consistently presented dark situations - only made more affecting by their closeness to … Continue reading Black Mirror Season 4 Review