A New Dawn: Sunshine Blogger Award #2

It's Saturday once again, and this week we've got another tag post! Following on from my first Sunshine Blogger Award tag a few weeks ago, the awesome MagiWasTaken (who has somehow been posting daily for 100 days straight!) has been kind enough to also tag me for it, so it is time for a second … Continue reading A New Dawn: Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Merry Christmas & Festive Videogame Art

Scrolling through my feed this morning, on 25th December 2020, Christmas Day, the amount of positive messages and posts has been a delight. It has been a tough, tough year, and it is wonderful to see the continued outpouring of well wishes whether you celebrate Christmas or not. So I felt compelled to add my … Continue reading Merry Christmas & Festive Videogame Art