Files Not Found: Handling Lost Progress In Gaming & Life

This post has been ruminating in my drafts folder (and my own head) for a few months, ever since I lost hundreds of A Plague Tale: Requiem Photo Mode screenshots back in January. This week, another project of mine hit a frustrating obstacle which put the idea of lost progress to the forefront of my … Continue reading Files Not Found: Handling Lost Progress In Gaming & Life

A Plague Tale: Requiem Review

Developed by: Asobo Studio Published by: Focus Entertainment Platforms: Xbox Series X/S (Series S Reviewed), PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC Release Date: Out Now! After playing the excellent A Plague Tale: Innocence from 2019, I was incredibly excited when the sequel Requiem was announced last year. The follow-up continues the riveting and emotionally-charged story of … Continue reading A Plague Tale: Requiem Review

My 5 Standout Games From E3 2021

So, another year of E3 has finished, and whilst some shows fell flat (Capcom, really, what was that?), there was plenty to be excited for - whether that was brand-new reveals, or new information on previously-announced games. As usual, our predictions were mostly way off the mark (a solid five out of eighteen correct, good … Continue reading My 5 Standout Games From E3 2021