My To-Play List: April-May 2023 Progress!

A few weeks ago, I wrote one of my "To-Play List" articles, specifically talking about which games I was hoping to play and complete before The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launched. This post is the natural follow-up to that, talking about my progress with some added thoughts on what I've played. Of … Continue reading My To-Play List: April-May 2023 Progress!

Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Forbidden West (Volume 2)

Hello, and welcome to the second (and for now, final) volume of my captures from the stunning Horizon Forbidden West! I recently finished working my way through the main story on PS4 (you can read my review here), so these captures will be mainly from the second half of the game. These are all taken … Continue reading Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Forbidden West (Volume 2)

Horizon Forbidden West Review

Developed by: Guerrilla Games Published by: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 (Reviewed) Release Date: Out Now! Finally, it's time for my Horizon Forbidden West review! I've waited long enough, right? Still, I'm just in time before the Burning Shores DLC launches next month. My delayed review is not for a lack … Continue reading Horizon Forbidden West Review

Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Forbidden West (Volume 1)

Hi there! I'm gradually making my way through the gorgeous Horizon Forbidden West on PS4, as I've mentioned several times in recent posts. As well as the game itself being huge, my playtime is being slowed because I'm a big fan of Photo Modes, and Horizon Forbidden West is full of opportunities for playing around … Continue reading Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Forbidden West (Volume 1)

Catherine: Full Body Review

Developed and Published by: AtlusPlatforms: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), PlayStation Vita (Japan Only), Nintendo SwitchRelease Date: Out Now! Well, this is a review that has been a long time coming - that's right, I'm actually finishing something in my drafts folder! Catherine: Full Body, the remaster of cult 2011 hit Catherine, took up quite a bit … Continue reading Catherine: Full Body Review

Gaming Photo Album: Control

Hi! This post is a bit later than usual for me; it's been a busy weekend, as I have attended the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. However, I have been preparing another Gaming Photo Album from my stockade to show you all this week! This time around, it is for Control, the critically-acclaimed, third-person, dimension-altering … Continue reading Gaming Photo Album: Control

10 Hours With… Nine Parchments

Recently, some friends and I were searching for a new multiplayer game to play; in particular, something a bit more fantastical and magical, as a change from our time with Zombie Army 4: Dead War. From the exhaustive list of candidates, we picked out Nine Parchments, a top-down twin-stick shooter where you wield not guns, … Continue reading 10 Hours With… Nine Parchments

Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Zero Dawn

After all that E3 coverage, it's now time to return to one of my long-running semi-regular features: Gaming Photo Album! This time it is a game I adore, Horizon Zero Dawn; a phenomenal action-adventure game from Guerrilla Games with a wonderful Photo Mode, letting you capture the various details of the world with filters, angle … Continue reading Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Zero Dawn

Gaming Photo Album: God of War

This week, I'm returning to my semi-regular Gaming Photo Album series; there are quite a few games I have images saved up for to do these, and this time I am going to cover the snaps I took in my recent playthrough of God of War! For the #MaybeInMarch event I took on the critically-acclaimed … Continue reading Gaming Photo Album: God of War

My Takeaways From the Horizon Forbidden West State of Play

Just a few days ago, Sony showed off a State of Play focused on Horizon Forbidden West gameplay, similar in style to the Ratchet & Clank one they did recently. It's hardly a secret that I adored the prior game Horizon Zero Dawn and am incredibly excited for the sequel, and therefore I went into … Continue reading My Takeaways From the Horizon Forbidden West State of Play