GWENT Deck Guide: “What’s Your Status”

After the superb response to my first GWENT Deck Guide, it's time to follow it up with a sophomore entry! The first guide - for my "Nilfgaard's Choice" deck - was an experiment to see if the in-depth, detailed format would work. Seeing as it's comfortably been my most-viewed post this year, and I've had … Continue reading GWENT Deck Guide: “What’s Your Status”

GWENT Deck Guide: “Nilfgaard’s Choice”

Hi! So, this is a bit new. It's no secret I'm an avid player of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game - the standalone version of the game grabbed me from the first moment and still hasn't let go over a year later! Recently, it's actually been the one exception to how I've been playing games … Continue reading GWENT Deck Guide: “Nilfgaard’s Choice”