My Favourite Games of 2021!

Yeah this is a bit late, I know... But better late than never right? I couldn't go too far into 2022 without establishing my Game of the Year for 2021. If I'm honest, I didn't play as many games last year as I planned to. For various reasons, my playtime was less than I'd have … Continue reading My Favourite Games of 2021!

Blog Update: We (Finally) Started A Video Game Podcast!

It's finally happened - after much deliberation and delay, some friends and I decided to begin a video game podcast! We have named it Friendly Fire; a name which has origins in the occasional friction of our supposedly-co-operative online multiplayer games together, for example on Zombie Army 4: Dead War and Nine Parchments! This is … Continue reading Blog Update: We (Finally) Started A Video Game Podcast!

My 5 Standout Games From E3 2021

So, another year of E3 has finished, and whilst some shows fell flat (Capcom, really, what was that?), there was plenty to be excited for - whether that was brand-new reveals, or new information on previously-announced games. As usual, our predictions were mostly way off the mark (a solid five out of eighteen correct, good … Continue reading My 5 Standout Games From E3 2021