Let’s Chat: Definitively Ranking Every Fall Guys Round

With Season 2 of hit multiplayer game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout out today (8th October), the newest Let’s Chat is going to take a view of the game up to this point in a new way; that’s right, we’re going to be listing our personal ranking of every Fall Guys round. All of them. For this, Ashley Harrison is making his return to Let’s Chat after a hiatus in recent times! I shall say that if you are not familiar with Fall Guys then it may be tough to follow this article – it is more suited to those who are aware of most/all the stages. Furthermore, this piece was written over quite a bit of time, but here it is, ready for the new Season, where we shall have even more stages to play. Let’s go!

William Robinson: Hi again Ash! So, we were wondering about topics for Let’s Chat, and then we realised we were in the same situation of joy and pain in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, huh?

Ashley Harrison: Genuinely, I think this is up there with in my top 3 Game of the Year candidates already, despite how frustrating it can be at times, especially in certain minigames. It’s genuinely pretty much the only Battle Royale I’ve actually enjoyed playing, and whilst doing “research” for this Let’s Chat, I actually finally managed to score my first win!

WR: Meaning that we two are now superior humans, right, for having won an Episode in Fall Guys? I’ve already talked about the game in my review, so I won’t go on too much here myself other than reiterating that I find it fun but a bit lacking in options. How would you sum up your time with it?

AH: Like I said, it’s up there in my GotY discussion personally, so to say anything other than I’m really enjoying it would be doing it a disservice. If, however, I had to give criticisms, I really wish there was more variety in which minigames you play, because I keep seeming to play the same ones over and over. I believe it changes what games are more likely to appear every day, but it’s not great having Gate Crash as your opening game 7 times in a row.

WR: Not sure if that was intentional, or just a sign of how synced up we are now, but that is a nice segway into the specific purpose of this Let’s Chat: you may have heard many opinions about the game, but here we are going to somehow attempt to list all of the stages from best to worst. Now, to prevent us loading the back of the list with Team games, we’re gonna split this into two lists, one for Team games, one for Solo. Sound good with you, Ash?

AH: Given how awful all of the team games are (that’ll be fun trying to rank them from best to worst, haha) I’m fine with that. I definitely think we’d both be putting all of the team games at the bottom of the list because, in my opinion, there isn’t a single one that holds a candle to the solo games.

WR: That doesn’t seem an unpopular opinion, either. It’s just that feeling of your result feeling out of your hands, right? While at least in the solo games I can only blame myself.

It’s every Fall Guy for themselves

AH: When you get put on Yellow Team, you know you might as well just quit out of the game there already.

WR: Ahaha, yeah, there was a game of Egg Scramble where Yellow ended with a score of 1. ONE. It’s cruel.

AH: So, going back to what I mentioned about feeling like you’re always playing the same minigames? Just today, after who knows how many games played, I actually played Egg Scramble for the first time ever. I’ve genuinely just had to look at a list of all the minigames to find out which it actually is.

WR: OK, so as there are less Team games than non-Team, let’s tackle those first. I’m immediately suggesting either Jinxed or Team Tail Tag for last place. As reference, here is the list:

Egg ScrambleFall Ball
HoardersHoopsie Daisy
JinxedRock ‘N’ Roll
Team Tail Tag

AH: I finally got to play a game of Jinxed and that was enough for me to decide it’s undoubtedly the worst mini-game in the whole thing, so I’d put that below Team Tail Tag because it’s just awful. Team Tail Tag is another I am not a fan of; the fact that you can have your tail grabbed from seemingly miles away, yet you can literally go right up to people and have the grabbing animation play when pressing R2 but not steal their tail whilst trying to get one for yourself, is enough to make me quit any time I see it come up.

Team games can be clumsy

WR: I’ve played quite a bit and only had Jinxed appear once, so it does seem rare – it’s similar to Team Tail Tag in terms of it essentially being a game of “it”. Not only is there the baked-in advantage or disadvantage of starting with or without being Jinxed or having a tail, but your teammates can drag you down without you being able to do much about it. So let’s put Jinxed last, with Team Tail Tag next. Of the other 5, which is your next one to knock off the list?

AH: For me, the next one I’d have to knock off is Hoopsie Daisy. Not only is it yet another game where you’re relying solely on your team (let’s be honest, you can be the best player in the world, you’re not single-handedly carrying your team to either 1st or 2nd place in this without them) but you also have to get lucky with RNG in terms of where the rings themselves spawn. If you can’t even reach the rings before someone else does, it’s another easy goodbye.

WR: Yeah, I can agree with that – also, if the Golden Hoops spawn in a spot that favours the other team, that skews it as well. I’m noticing we’re gonna have the games with a focus on ball games towards the top here!

AH: Who’d have ever seen that coming with the two of us haha? Even real life sports interests put aside, I do genuinely think the ball games are the best of the team ones.

WR: The question is, does Egg Scramble knock one of the ball games out of the top three? I’m saying no. Though, it is close with Hoarders for me.

AH: I’m not a fan of Rock ‘N’ Roll, so for me, it does. The first half of Rock ‘N’ Roll is a great team exercise forcing you to work together, but the second half? Man, it’s so annoying. I don’t think I’ve played a game of it yet where the 2nd half hasn’t just turned into 2 teams stopping whichever team is last to get their ball to the ramp from being able to push their ball to the goal. At least with Egg Scramble, the whole point of that game mode is to try and literally steal the win from your opponents; in Rock ‘N’ Roll, people just do it for fun.

WR: You know, it may be because I’ve generally done well in Rock ‘N’ Roll, but that has often been an aspect I haven’t considered. It does bring out the bad side of players, eh? I guess for that, we should knock it down. So we have a Top Three of Egg Scramble, Fall Ball, and Hoarders. We reckon Fall Ball as the best? It’s essentially Rocket League

AH: Yup, I have to agree there. I always love a good football mini-game (give us a new Mario Strikers dammit Nintendo), so it has to be at the top for me. There’s no luck involved with it, it’s purely skill-based, being able to work with your team to outscore the opponents. When it’s as simple as that, you can’t dislike it.

WR: There also tends to be less players involved when it pops up, so less of a random element. Very satisfying to score from the ball first being dropped too! If Mario Strikers ever returns, Let’s Chat is gonna be very excitable.

Go team!

AH: Yeah, I only ever seem to get Fall Ball when there’s between 10-14 people remaining, so there’s enough people on the teams to make both attacking and defending at the same time possible, but not too many people so that it’s impossible to score because they just play the Mourinho way and have everyone in defence.

WR: Park the… Guys? Aha! OK, so that leaves the fight for 2nd between Egg Scramble and Hoarders. Not sure about you, but I prefer Egg Scramble, if only for it being so different.

AH: I’m with you there too, Egg Scramble definitely wins 2nd place for me. Not even for being so different – because they’re both essentially Capture the Flag minigames – but because it’s easier to steal the eggs to place in your team’s goal than it is to control the balls in Hoarders.

WR: Nice, so this is our list. You all in agreement for this?

1: Fall Ball2: Egg Scramble
3: Hoarders4: Rock ‘N’ Roll
5: Hoopsie Daisy6: Team Tail Tag
7: Jinxed

AH: I see no issues with that if you don’t.

WR: Onto the second list, of all remaining Rounds. This should be fun… So, the rounds:

Block PartyDizzy Heights
Door DashFall Mountain
Fruit ChuteGate Crash
Hex-A-GoneHit Parade
Jump ClubJump Showdown
Perfect MatchRoll Out
Royal FumbleSee Saw
Slime ClimbTail Tag
The WhirlygigTip Toe

AH: I mean, I can start there easily with the worst game in that list and I don’t think it’ll take a genius to work out which. By far the worst solo game is Tail Tag.

WR: I’d actually say that Royal Fumble is lower for me. It’s essentially Tail Tag but for the final, so whoever has the tail at the end wins. It often occurs when there are not that many players left for the final, too – and it is such an advantage for whoever is randomly selected to start with the tail, as with less players around, it’s tougher to get the tail from another.

AH: There’s an even worse version of Tail Tag? Oh Jesus, thank God I’ve yet to come across that. It sounds awful. Yeah, I’ll put that as the worst of the solo games for sure with you. Tail Tag with even less players and only one having a tail sounds absolutely horrible to play.

WR: More than once, I have gotten to a final, really excited, seen it is Royal Fumble, and just internally sighed. Give me either Jump Showdown or Hex-A-Gone for the final, yeah?

There are balance issues in the Tail-centric rounds

AH: I’m quite partial to Fall Mountain for the final round to be honest with you, because it’s just pure platforming skill. Although I might be biased on that because it’s the course I won my first crown on, and I haven’t really come close to winning on either of the others.

WR: You won on Fall Mountain? Woah, impressed here, I’m not great at it. Tell us more about your victory?

AH: Yeah, I won on Fall Mountain! Should actually have won twice on it, but for my first should’ve-been-guaranteed victory, I forgot to press R2 to grab onto the Crown, and as such, bonked into it and ended up losing when I’d had such a clear run up until that point. My actual victory though: I got there as the Crown was at the top of its possible height, so I had to wait for it to come down which allowed people to catch up, but luckily I still managed to grab it first through the wave of people jumping.

WR: Oh man, that first one sounds agonising. One mistake can ruin your whole chance there, so as I say, impressed. My victory was on Hex-A-Gone, I scraped it; literally as I was falling off the final floor, the other person fell first. It was so close that my screen initially didn’t register it as my win! I had to wait to get my rewards show up.

AH: Man, that sounds so intense. To think you’ve lost it, only to realise that you actually haven’t and had scored the win. Crazy that, though I do kind of have to feel for the other guy if it was that close.

The race to the peak of Fall Mountain

WR: Pfft, no time for sentiment in Fall Guys. Give me that Crown! OK, so we’re putting Royal Fumble last, and Tail Tag second last. I’d personally put – based on how tough I have found them – Fall Mountain and Fruit Chute quite low, though that may be skewed by me just not being great at them.

AH: I won’t agree with Fall Mountain being low down – however, I will agree with Fruit Chute. There’s been too many times I’ve been trying to climb, gotten near the top, then just been absolutely sniped by the fruit from seemingly out of nowhere, so I have quite a lot of disdain for that game mode.

WR: It’s just so hard to predict. My only real strategy is running behind others and hoping they take the hit instead…

AH: That’s such a cheap way of getting through though, and even if they do take the hit, you still gotta avoid them otherwise they’ll take you down with them.

WR: I mean, it doesn’t really work. I’ve only made it through Fruit Chute once! OK, so let’s put Fruit Chute there. Of the remaining, which would you suggest next?

AH: Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever actually not qualified from Fruit Chute, but it has come far too close for my liking on some rounds; more than once I’ve qualified last. My next one I hate to put here, because Takeshi’s Castle is one of my favourite TV programs of all time, and this is just one of their games, but it has to be Door Dash for me next. I hate the games that just descend into as many people as possible trying to squeeze through a gap, and unfortunately this is the biggest culprit for it, so it has to go low on my ratings.

WR: I can agree that it should go further down the list, but for me there are stages that aren’t as fun – Perfect Match, for instance, which to me is too easy and often doesn’t do much to whittle down the player numbers. Though I am very impressed if you are that successful at Fruit Chute!

-at this point there are several days where the conversation is on hold-

AH: Alright, so in the time in between these, I’ve not once qualified from Fruit Chute, so there goes that brag I made – typical that, ain’t it? I think I can agree on Perfect Match being next on the list. It’s essentially just an autoscroller with zero strategy to it; just pile onto a tile people are all going to. What annoys me then, is that because it’s such a small space (especially in the later rounds) there are people who try and push you off. It’s happened more than once.

WR: OK, so with Perfect Match there, perhaps we should put the other two rounds with a similar format – staying in roughly one place and avoiding the obstacles – next. Of Block Party and Roll Out, which do you prefer? My main issue with these levels is that they aren’t that challenging; often either not many people are eliminated, or it is a while before the limit of eliminations is reached. I personally prefer Block Party, as there are many intense moments and the music is awesome.

So much for organised queues

AH: Yeah, I definitely agree Block Party is better than Roll Out. Like you said, the music is incredible, and it also does increase difficulty to make you do more than just switch between 2 sections of the Roll Out tube until they reach the other side.

WR: Also, and perhaps your opinion is different, if we are going to place Door Dash after these, then we should also consider putting Gate Crash with it, as they are quite similar; though the latter does have a bit more skill and timing to it with the moving barriers, and is in a way more rewarding as a result.

AH: Yeah, I was gonna do that.

WR: Almost all of the ones remaining are obstacle courses, aha! We’re getting close to the top and giving our own Crown to one of these levels. I’ve already mentioned Fall Mountain; or is there one you would place below that?

AH: You’re going to hate me for this, but I would honestly put Fall Mountain towards the very top of the list, because it’s pure platforming and nothing else; I’m a big fan of that. There’s no randomness like Fruit Chute, only the balls to avoid and you can track them (and alter your path) for basically the whole length of the course. Having said that, it is heavily reliant upon where you start, but I still find it one of the best Fall Guys levels.

The quest for the Crown

WR: I agree it brings a challenge, but it can quickly put you way back if you get hit. We’re gonna have to find a compromise! If not that next, then I reckon either See Saw or Tip Toe. I find the former can be quite, erm… Well, it is shocking how we humans have such a tough time with those contraptions, I’ll say that.

AH: See, now we’ve got the ones that’re easy to dismiss out of the way, I’m gonna say that Tip Toe would definitely be the next worse in my opinion, because there’s literally no strategy to it other than just wait for everyone else to discover the path and hope you can cross the finish line in time. At least with See Saw there’s actual physics to throw a challenge into the level, even if you do come across people who somehow don’t seem to know how a see-saw works.

WR: I mean, I am okay with either of those two being next. Tip Toe we agree on then, you okay with See Saw following it? I guess as we get to the higher places, these disagreements are gonna get more intense, aha!

AH: I’m happy with that, yeah. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see whether or not we have the same top 3 courses or not, I’m going to vote “most likely not” already haha.

Oh, the See Saw stage. Oh indeed.

WR: 8 Remain! It’s getting very tough to pick now… There are a bunch of obstacle course levels here, how do you order them?

AH: I definitely think it’s smart to bunch a group of obstacle courses here, so from worst to best I’m gonna put: Hit Parade, Dizzying Heights, Jump Club, Jump Showdown, and then The Whirlygig. Hit Parade is one that I am genuinely indifferent on, but the reason I put it below everything else is because it’s such a short level so you don’t spend basically any time on it. Jump Showdown and The Whirlygig are basically just Jump Club and Dizzying Heights (respectively) but better and more challenging, so they have to go above their standard forms. That leaves me personally with an alphabetical final 3 of Fall Mountain, Hex-A-Gone, and Slime Climb.

WR: I’ll agree with most of that, but not Jump Showdown specifically; in comparison to Jump Club, the tension of how long Showdown – being a final round – can go on for is so fun and tense; there is genius in the simplicity of it, and blimey, that spinner gets fast. It’s definitely in my personal top three, at the expense of Fall Mountain. So, erm, we have 4 levels and a top 3 to decide…

AH: Alright, I’m gonna admit something here. The only reason I haven’t put Jump Showdown higher is because I’m absolutely awful at it haha, but I wouldn’t disagree with you putting it in your top 3, because it’s definitely one of the most tense games, especially considering it’s a final round, so you know the Crown is within touching distance.

Keep… Jumping…

WR: In my opinion, for the originality of the idea – it doesn’t seem to be close to many other games out there, whilst a game such as Jump Showdown is clearly similar to Total Wipeout – then in my opinion Hex-A-Gone is the best stage. After that my next pick is Slime Climb, for how refreshing it is to have a stage where surviving and making it to the end is the priority, as often the amount of people who can qualify is not reached.

AH: That your top 3 then? Hex-A-Gone, then Slime Climb, then Jump Showdown?

WR: Yeah, that’s my personal top 3. Depends how much you’re fighting for Fall Mountain though, and whether you’d change the order.

AH: That’s a solid top 3 that, I can’t lie. Although, considering we share 2 courses in our top 3, I don’t really think I can say anything other than that, can I? For me, I think that the order I would put it in is Hex-A-Gone 3rd, Fall Mountain 2nd, then Slime Climb as the best Fall Guys minigame.

WR: If we go by averages, then overall, with a 2nd and a 1st, Slime Climb emerges as our top choice. Then we have Hex-A-Gone 2nd, and a tie 3rd of Fall Mountain and Jump Showdown. To be polite, though, I’ll allow Fall Mountain 3rd. A word on the top two and why you are such a fan?

Our winner!

AH: Hex-A-Gone takes my 3rd place because of how fun it is to play at a glance, but also because of how technical it is, making it befitting of a final round. Not only do you have to pay attention to the level that you’re on and which of the hexagons you can move between to survive, but you also have to keep an eye on the level below to ensure that you don’t fall down into another hole and potentially into the slime if you get that low. And that’s assuming you’re playing it the “proper” way; it’s also fun to just fall down to the very bottom of the tower at the start of the round and clear as much of that floor as possible to troll the other finalists as they move down the tower. Slime Climb takes my top spot because it’s the minigame I find myself wanting to play as the level select reel spins – I’m always hoping it’ll come up. There’s so much that can go wrong in the level that’ll potentially eliminate you, and for me, knowing that I could potentially lose thanks to the rising slime at any point makes me focus more, rather than playing nonchalantly like I do with the other games. There’s also so many elements in the level, so you’re not just facing the same obstacle throughout. There’s the rising slime, the moving blocks, the rollers, the hammers, the moving poles, and then the swinging balls at the end; I think that’s the most you face in a single minigame in the whole of Fall Guys. Each section requires a different playstyle, and it just helps break up the repetitiveness, in my opinion.

WR: Yeah, there is a certain skill to each that really creates suspense. My victory on Hex-A-Gone I mentioned is an example of how tense that level can get. Slime Climb often eliminates so many; you know you have to focus. That better balance of skill and randomness has those two levels rise to the top. So our final order for the solo games… Happy with this?

1. Slime Climb2. Hex-A-Gone
3. Fall Mountain4. Jump Showdown
5. The Whirlygig6. Jump Club
7. Dizzy Heights8. Hit Parade
9. See Saw10. Tip Toe
11. Gate Crash12. Door Dash
13. Block Party14. Roll Out
15. Perfect Match16. Fruit Chute
17. Tail Tag18. Royal Fumble

AH: On the whole, yeah, I’m happy with that list. Don’t think there’s anything there that I could complain about whatsoever.

WR: Well, then, I think we have actually managed to do it! Just in time for Season 2… I’m excited to try new levels, and depending on how it goes, perhaps we shall update this list at some point.

AH: Yeah, we’ll definitely have to revisit this for Season 2 once we’ve played enough to be able to rank them. Honestly though? Rather than levels, I’m more looking forward to the new costumes that Season 2 is gonna bring, the ones we’ve already seen look hella dope.

WR: It’s gonna be fun to have the refresh! Until the next one, Ashley; time to practice at Fall Guys

AH: I apologise how long it’s taken to finish this article, but we’ll be back soon enough. Have a good one, Will!

There you have it, our list. You can let us know if you agree or disagree with our choices in the comments! For more Let’s Chat, you can go here.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Developed by: Mediatonic
Published by: Devolver Digital
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date: Out Now

Since the reveal trailer in the 2019 Devolver Direct, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been a game I have had my eye on, and the decision to make it a PS Plus game this August has served to put it even more in the spotlight. Built around a simple premise, being the sole survivor of 60 players in a random selection of obstacle courses and team games, it’s ingenious fun that especially comes alive when playing with others in a group. There are elements of the game that could be improved, with some obvious gaps in the offering, but the overriding chaotic fun of trying to bundle your way to victory and the Crown does a lot to cover up for them.

One Way Through

Fall Guys has one mode, and one mode only, that throws you into the action with 59 other players in a new take on the battle royale structure. This time, the genre has been given a Total Wipeout-esque twist (sadly without Richard Hammond) with your primary goal being survival as you progress from course to course with only the actions of jumping, diving, holding onto other players, and your custom theatrics (essentially an emote). Each stage you play through whittles down the group until a final round where the sole remaining player earns themselves the lucrative and sought-after Crown. From my experience, there tends to be around 4 to 6 levels in each run of play, usually beginning with an obstacle course such as the battering Hit Parade and ending with one of the tense final levels designed to leave one player standing. In those mid-point courses, though, there is a varied selection, so you’re never entirely sure what is next, whether it be an egg-gathering contest or a memory match puzzle.

Of those currently in the game, there is a hierarchy in my mind of which levels I prefer to play; in general, the obstacle courses such as The Whirlygig – with plentiful spinning blockades – are much more satisfying to me, as they reward individual skill, in comparison to the team games, where you are much more at mercy to the overall ability of those you are put in with. For example, if in the Rocket League-style Fall Ball the rest of your team doesn’t play well, then you’re at a serious disadvantage. I’m not against the idea of having a range of stages to combat repetition and create that sense of chaos, but perhaps it would be wise to make alternate playlists for those who prefer playing certain types of course; these could have differing rewards so as not to detract from the value of the Crown. More modes would encourage me to play more, as the idea of playing certain levels puts me off the idea of going through the whole sequence again.

Patience can be an important skill in this game

The courses themselves are very well-designed overall, with clever tricks and side passages; I got the impression that even with the randomness, as you play more, you do get better. I’m very conscious that your personal favourites can vary from person to person, and the ones you perform better at can easily become the ones you prefer. Many of the levels aren’t actually that complicated in layout, but the real challenge comes from trying to navigate them with up to 59 others also stumbling through them, forming logjam and tripping hazards. Springy sound design and the unintelligible noises of determination from the characters provide quirky appeal; the physics of your character are purposefully awkward, easily falling and rolling around, losing you control – gaining and maintaining momentum are crucial for success here. Seeing everyone trying to get through pathways to not be eliminated is a delightful sight – they’re all attempting to make it, but not all can…

Fall Fashion

Even before I got into my first game, the energetic, vibrant, and colourful presentation of Fall Guys stood out to me as I waited in the lobby. That main theme music is audaciously funky and entertains me by itself in the brief waiting periods from game to game, pairing wonderfully well with the bubblegum-bright art direction. Pastel pinks, oranges, and similar are all over, combining with the soft, almost rubbery environments to create a very welcoming atmosphere that draws you in to the world created, leaving you to get stuck in the cycle of one-more-go as you chase victory. The endearingly clumsy avatars have a bunch of customisation options, from outfits to the theatrics emote. These are great for turning the group of 60 into a crowd of distinct personalities.

Leave see-saws how you find them, everyone

Upon release this has the illusion of being a free-to-play game, but really it isn’t, considering that you pay for PS Plus, and after this month it returns to solely being a £15.99 game. Hence, we must be careful about how we discuss the monetisation. Through gameplay, you earn Kudos, which is one of two currencies, with the other being Crowns, which you can only get by winning or by reaching certain level-up milestones. In the shop, you can use these to pay for various outfits and theatrics to add to your personal repertoire; these alternate each day, which adds some pace of variation, but this also feels a bit of a trick to me, when they could make all previous additions permanently there on the shop. It’s a trend emerging across these sorts of games that only limits choice.

Only the Kudos currency can be purchased with real transactions, with costume packs also available in that way. It’s not over-egregious, as you get a decent amount to spend just from playing, but these systems aren’t ones that leave a positive impression, especially when the game does cost money to initially buy – don’t let the PS Plus situation hide that. The game is in Season 1 right now, with Season 2 soon arriving (and new stages with it); as you play and level-up in-season, you gain new items. There is a decent pace of progression, so you are getting those moments of achievement to fuel you on, though the desire to amend past failures already brings a lot of motivation! Even so, having those real-money payments there is a temptation for those involved to make you spend that does not sit well with me.

Group Descent

All the emotions encouraging you to do better on that next go, that quickly turns into another go, and another, are only emphasised when playing with others in your party, which I have had the joy of doing; in-game, the only difference is that those players are marked out for you, and will automatically be in your team in applicable games. However, the change in urgency and hilarity is keenly felt, as your trials and tribulations are shared. A key difference to me is how when I was on my own, a slight fatigue did set in to the way the game only has one set routine of gameplay. When with others, though, every game has the added intrigue of where my friends are and whether they’re gonna make it; and even if I don’t myself progress on, I have an investment to see how they do. Those aforementioned team games I had complaints about work better too, as I know more about the team I am on. For one gem of an example of this dynamic, see the video below of two friends of mine (one of which recorded this, thank you!) and I, as one of said friends has an encounter with another player…

Another slight and general criticism I have of Fall Guys is how it feels unpolished. It’s the little details, such as when you are grouped up with friends, and the spectator camera doesn’t prioritise them, meaning you need to cycle through everyone to find those perspectives – additionally, it doesn’t stay with them from one round to the next. Further to that, and my comments about the lack of modes, why not allow us to make custom playlists of stages for just us and our friends, or maybe add sliders to adjust aspects just in those private games? Fall Guys has a really fantastic base concept that could be added to in so many creative ways. Yes, this is a game that may well get those additions, but if this is how you launch, then this is where the game is judged. As well as this, the visuals, though charming, aren’t always very refined, and the choice of typography for most of the text is quite a generic option. They’re all small aspects, but when all improved together, it elevates the entire package.

Final Thoughts

On occasions, a simple premise, with the right delivery, can form a brilliant party game to strike just the right note and resonate with an audience. The decision to make Fall Guys a PS Plus game has opened up the game to an audience that may otherwise not have paid the £15.99, and has created a multiplayer phenomenon that I am confident shall thrive and be added to over time. As I just talked about, there are many areas here and there that I was slightly disappointed by whilst playing, as my mind wandered to imagine how great this game could be. It’s a game that shall evolve over time, but without guarantees, they’re omissions that affect my enjoyment. A game that provides joyous entertainment and many passionate reactions, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a game I imagine I shall be playing for a while, and hopefully it fulfills the potential as that happens.


Rating: 7 out of 10.