Holding the Line: #LoveYourBacklog Month 2023

There I was, deliberating on what to write about this week whilst I finally make my way through Horizon Forbidden West. Then suddenly, like the cavalry coming over the hill Helm's Deep-style, came Later Levels with the return of the #LoveYourBacklog tag for 2023! Later Levels puts #LoveYourBacklog together to get the blogging community sharing … Continue reading Holding the Line: #LoveYourBacklog Month 2023

The Long Way Round: #LoveYourBacklog Month 2021

It feels as though the backlog is a unavoidable part of being a gamer - however well-intentioned, sometimes buying a game doesn't end with ticking it off your personal to-play list. Even if you are enjoying the game, sometimes stuff just gets in the way, whether it be other games, different media, or other responsibilities … Continue reading The Long Way Round: #LoveYourBacklog Month 2021