My To-Play List for the End of 2022

Somehow, it’s nearly December – how’d that happen? I’ve played fewer games than usual so far this year, but after recently catching up on Pokémon Legends: Arceus so that I was prepared for Pokémon Scarlet (which I’m now playing), it’s got me thinking about the other games I’d like to finish before the end of … Continue reading My To-Play List for the End of 2022

A Little Zelda, A Lotta Farming: Takeaways from the Nintendo Direct!

Hey everyone! So, this week we were treated to a full-length, 40-minute Nintendo Direct where we saw reveals and updates for SO MANY GAMES. Seriously, if you remember the Directs we got in the Wii U days, it’s amazing to see how things have changed. In this post, I’m going to briefly run through my … Continue reading A Little Zelda, A Lotta Farming: Takeaways from the Nintendo Direct!

Lessons from Gaming Burnout

Over the last few months, I’ve found myself playing video games way less than usual – basically, I’ve felt burned out by gaming and the relentless news cycle around it. Subsequently, I’ve been looking elsewhere for my day-to-day entertainment, hence how my posts on this site have recently leaned heavily towards films. The last new … Continue reading Lessons from Gaming Burnout

Merry Christmas 2021!!

Oh hey there! I thought I’d just write a quick post to say a very Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you and your families all have a wonderful time this festive season, and have a healthy, enjoyable New Year. It’s been quite the ride the past 12 months, eh? To echo the sentiments in … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2021!!


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