Resident Evil: Revelations Review

Developed and Published by: CapcomPlatforms: 3DS, Wii U, Switch (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PCRelease Date: Out Now There have been gaming series that have been a noticeable hole in my gaming knowledge over the years. Resident Evil had long been one such gap, and so, especially with COVID-19 leading to … Continue reading Resident Evil: Revelations Review

Pokémon Café Mix Review

Developed by: Genius SonorityPublished by: NintendoPlatforms: Switch (Reviewed), MobileRelease Date: Out Now One of the many nice surprises out of the first of the two recent Pokémon Presents was the reveal of Pokémon Café Mix, a new mobile and Nintendo Switch puzzle game about running a Pokémon-themed Café where both the customers and the employees … Continue reading Pokémon Café Mix Review

Old Man’s Journey Review

Developed by: Broken RulesPublished by: Broken RulesPlatforms: Switch (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, MobileRelease Date: Out Now This is a game I had my eye on for a long time whilst browsing the Nintendo eShop, and when it was discounted from £8.99 to under £2... well, it's such a great deal that it's hard … Continue reading Old Man’s Journey Review

Let’s Chat: A Long-Overdue Super Mario Odyssey Review

- This article was originally published on 30th April 2018; it is being updated and archived here as part of the newly-named Let's Chat series - It only took about 6 months, but I did it, everyone – after weeks of fellow Let's Chat voice Ashley Harrison telling me to, I have finished the main … Continue reading Let’s Chat: A Long-Overdue Super Mario Odyssey Review

Oxenfree Review

Developed and Published by: Night School StudiosPlatforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, MobileRelease Date: Out Now In the ever-expanding genre of the "walking simulator" (where the narrative of the game takes priority over gameplay), Oxenfree manages to carve its niche thanks to a quirky setting and aesthetic. While it can be niggly … Continue reading Oxenfree Review

I Am Setsuna Review

Developed by: Tokyo RPG FactoryPublished by: Square EnixPlatforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PCRelease Date: Out Now Tokyo RPG Factory, the developers behind I Am Setsuna, were created by Square Enix for one purpose - to make RPGs. In particular, ones that harken back to the classics such as Final Fantasy. For better or … Continue reading I Am Setsuna Review

SteamWorld Dig 2 Review

Developed by: Image & Form International ABPublished by: Image & Form International ABPlatforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PCRelease Date: Out Now Image & Form's SteamWorld series is perhaps one of the most underrated in gaming. With SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Heist in particular, the Swedish developers created solid, high quality titles with … Continue reading SteamWorld Dig 2 Review