Building My First PC

In late 2020, I started to have the idea of building my own custom PC for the first time. There were a few reasons; working from home in the profession of graphic design was less efficient when on my relatively cheap laptop; also, with my return to writing on this blog and further ideas to … Continue reading Building My First PC

Press Continue: The End of Year Gaming Tag

Whilst I have done some end of year/start of year-style posts recently, I have been feeling as though not all of my thoughts on 2020 have been wrapped up, particularly in terms of gaming. So, once seeing McKenna Talks About Games take part in The End of Year Gaming Tag - created by Blogging with … Continue reading Press Continue: The End of Year Gaming Tag

Gaming Photo Album: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

It is the New Year, and I am making it one of my priorities for 2021 to regularly post new entries into my Gaming Photo Album feature; the introduction of Photo Mode into more and more games is functionality I eagerly welcome, and enjoy playing around with. However, in this case, there is no Photo … Continue reading Gaming Photo Album: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

My Top Ten Films of 2020: #5-#1

Time for Part 2 of my Top Ten Films List for the last year! As I said in the last post covering my picks for #10-#6 in 2020, I am publishing this on 4th January. That is right, I am gonna stick to a schedule for once! As always for these posts, I shall reiterate … Continue reading My Top Ten Films of 2020: #5-#1

My Top Ten Films of 2020: #10-#6

2020 is over, and now it is time for my annual Top Ten Films list! As with the past three years of these articles, I am splitting the list into two, starting with my picks for #10-#6 in this post! Gotta keep it consistent, y'know. When making this list, I bear in mind the film … Continue reading My Top Ten Films of 2020: #10-#6

Merry Christmas & Festive Videogame Art

Scrolling through my feed this morning, on 25th December 2020, Christmas Day, the amount of positive messages and posts has been a delight. It has been a tough, tough year, and it is wonderful to see the continued outpouring of well wishes whether you celebrate Christmas or not. So I felt compelled to add my … Continue reading Merry Christmas & Festive Videogame Art

The Gift of Reason: #CreativeChristmasCollab

Oh hi! This piece is part of the #CreativeChristmasCollab, an event set up by Chris Durston at the OverThinker Y blog where people have been paired up Secret Santa-style! We each get a creative gift from our mystery match, and simply say something nice in return (which shouldn't be hard aha)! In this case, I … Continue reading The Gift of Reason: #CreativeChristmasCollab

Our 2020 Games of the Year!

Instead of just writing a piece on my personal pick for Game of the Year, we are going to be doing it a bit differently here! In this post, several of my friends (who you may recognise, either from the Later Levels website or Let's Chat) have joined me to each submit their own personal … Continue reading Our 2020 Games of the Year!

Going Back to Apex Legends

In this very different year of lockdowns, disruption, and a lack of face-to-face socialising, gaming has become an even more prominent way to keep in contact with friends. As I have mentioned before, my friends and I set up a Discord server this year instrumental in keeping us connected without meeting in person, and often … Continue reading Going Back to Apex Legends

6 Scary Games to Play this Halloween

Right now, it just feels right to be playing games that get under your skin, creep you out, and heighten the senses. Perhaps you're home alone late in the evening, with the lights out, any outside noise a suggestion you aren't alone... As we get to the end of October, the horror genre gets extra … Continue reading 6 Scary Games to Play this Halloween