Blog Update: Thanks for 100 Follows!

Hi there, and welcome to another of my occasional blog updates. The main reason for this one is to touch on the site recently reaching 100 followers! Whilst it is perhaps a relatively small milestone, it feels significant to me; so, whilst I am going to keep this short (I would like to avoid being … Continue reading Blog Update: Thanks for 100 Follows!

Blog Update: Admin & Anime

Oh hi there. I've been relatively quiet as of late, so thought I'd put together a quick post as to why, as well as noting some other projects! To keep y'all entertained whilst doing so, there'll be anime GIFs throughout, so stick around, yeah? This isn't gonna be a long one. Either way, there is … Continue reading Blog Update: Admin & Anime

Blog Update: Time for a New Mission!

So, after being pretty active on here a few months ago, I suddenly disappeared with little explanation. Yeah, guilty - but here I am now. After graduating from University last year, I was looking for a design job whilst writing for both this blog and the website Tanuki Bridge. A few months ago, I found … Continue reading Blog Update: Time for a New Mission!