Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Forbidden West (Volume 2)

Hello, and welcome to the second (and for now, final) volume of my captures from the stunning Horizon Forbidden West! I recently finished working my way through the main story on PS4 (you can read my review here), so these captures will be mainly from the second half of the game. These are all taken using the feature-rich Photo Mode that the game offers.

There’s a range of photo categories below, from sprawling vistas to intense mid-battle shots. Some categories continue from Volume 1, but there’re also several new ones – for example, machine-specific sections, reflecting the cinematic introduction of new dangerous enemies in the later sections of Forbidden West!

Thanks to everyone who responded so positively to my first set of photos (which you can browse through here), and I hope you enjoy looking through these too! If you have any favourites, I’d love to know in the comments section below. Let’s get straight into it!

-WARNING: Visual Spoilers for the second half of Horizon Forbidden West ahead!-


Aloy (Black & White)

Machine Combat

Human Combat

VS Stormbird

VS Tremortusk

VS Scorcher

VS Slaughterspine

VS Dreadwing



Power Shot

The Horizon


Exploring the Old World


Silhouettes & Shadows


Sunwing Flying

Snowy Sunwing Flying

San Francisco Sunwing Flying

San Francisco Beach Battles

Surface Swimming

Deep Diving

Supporting Characters



Art Connoisseur

Singularity (The Final Quest)

We’ve Reached the End. Now It’s Nap Time!

Thanks for reading this post! Once again, I hope you enjoyed it. The new PS5-only DLC The Burning Shores is out this month for Horizon Forbidden West, and might be the tipping point for me to finally get a PS5. After all, the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles setting looks ideal for more photo opportunities!

Have an amazing day!

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