Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Forbidden West (Volume 1)

Hi there! I’m gradually making my way through the gorgeous Horizon Forbidden West on PS4, as I’ve mentioned several times in recent posts. As well as the game itself being huge, my playtime is being slowed because I’m a big fan of Photo Modes, and Horizon Forbidden West is full of opportunities for playing around with the in-depth Photo Mode it features.

Now, I’m roughly 25 hours and 30% completed with Forbidden West, and I already have over 250 screenshots! I always planned to do a Gaming Photo Album for the game, but it seems sensible to break up the Album into multiple posts. Also, I miss doing this feature, and any excuse to create more Gaming Photo Albums works for me – especially after the devastation of my Series S inexplicably deleting my hundreds of A Plague Tale: Requiem photos…

So, below I’ve collated a bunch of my favourite Photo Mode creations from Horizon Forbidden West. I hope you enjoy having a browse through them, and let me know if there’s any you particularly like!

-WARNING: Visual Spoilers for the first half of Horizon Forbidden West ahead!-


Aloy (Black & White)

Standing Tall


Air Combat

Boss Fight

Fire of Combat


Leap of Faith

The Horizon

The Horizon (Black & White)



Exploring the Old World

Facing the Horizon

Flower Finds



Satellite Dish


Just Keep Swimming

Underwater Las Vegas

Restored Las Vegas

Starry Skies

Supporting Characters

Meeting GAIA



I hope you enjoyed this post! At some point, I’ll be back with Volume 2 of my Horizon Forbidden West photos. Once I finish the main story, I’ll also be doing a post about my thoughts with the game. When that’ll be, who can say… I mean, one 9-hour play session progressed my completion statistic by only 6%-ish! In one way that’s daunting, but on the other hand, I’m having a superb time with the game, so I’m glad there’s so much of it.

Have an amazing day!

2 thoughts on “Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Forbidden West (Volume 1)

  1. Amazing way to chart your journey through Horizon Forbidden West! It’s a beautiful game and you’ve capture=d some amazing scenes with the photo mode. I had a blast playing this game and got totally swept up in the story and the characters. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! It really is stunning, and I’m only on PS4 not PS5 – I can only imagine how it looks on that console. (I do have HDR though). I’m really impressed with the many little improvements that make a big difference, like the absolute GODSEND of items being sent to a stash when your inventory is full. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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