Blog Update: When Life Imitates Anime…

Hi! Despite my intentions, I ended up taking a bit of a break from writing here over the last month. This was mainly due to work getting busy with various deadlines, and then there’s always that whole being-an-adult thing and the various responsibilities that come with it. Basically, life started to feel like a rollercoaster slice-of-life anime (which I’ll expand on later in this post!). Much of my priority time was taken up, so my writing here ended up taking a back seat. However, I’m back now, and the usual weekly schedule can continue!

Speaking of my work, I thought I might start sharing it more on this site; if you didn’t know, I’m a designer at Titan Books, which means I get to work on some wonderful projects that concern franchises in the sphere of gaming, TV, film, and more. This includes the likes of Marvel, Doctor Who, and Alien! As you can probably ascertain, this is totally up my street, and I have a feeling some of you would be interested in the books I get to work on. So, I might share a couple of them here now and again – as long as I don’t feel it getting over-the-top in terms of self-promotion.

To start with, below are some images of the Cowboy Bebop: Making the Netflix Series book I was part of designing! It released back in June, and is just one of the exciting projects I am happy to of been a part of (for more details you can go to the official Titan Books website). If you ever purchase a book published by Titan, maybe keep an eye out for a familiar name in the credits… !

So, about my life feeling like an anime. Well, during that aforementioned busy period, I did keep myself entertained with the anime New Game!, which is about an aspiring new starter at a video game development company named Aoba Suzukaze. As she finds her feet (it’s her first job out of education), she gets to know her colleagues, an all-female group of wonderful and varied personalities. It’s very slice-of-life and character-focused (so my vibe), and mixes the fun interactions with a strikingly real depiction of working in a collaborative and creative office. I’ve never worked at a game company, but I’ve worked in several graphic designer roles (and read a lot about game development), and the events that transpire felt tellingly authentic.

All this is mixed with just enough levity and fan-service sprinkled in, resulting in a charming and well-paced anime with real substance. Watching it and drawing some personal parallels was fascinating, especially when the characters go through a deadline crunch. Even without the personal element, I’d recommend this anime if any of it sounds like something you’d enjoy! Hopefully I can write more about it at a later date – perhaps after I watch the follow-up season New Game!! and have a complete view of the series. After all, it has so many frames that make ideal caption material!

See? Just tell me I’m wrong

Whilst I’m doing a blog update, I’ll give a quick run-through of the posts I have planned. The first GWENT Deck Guide has been performing amazingly well, so that’s great motivation to do more of those – they take a bit of time to put together, so expect them sporadically. Meanwhile, I’m going to continue my film reviews in the form of my Film in 500 and my general catch-up articles. Speaking of, expect one soon covering the smorgasbord of films I’ve watched lately!

Additionally, I’d like to get back to doing game reviews more frequently – perhaps reviewing more visual novels, which is a genre I have been delving into recently (for example, the fault series). Either way, don’t expect the flow of articles here to end anytime soon! As I brought up earlier, I’d also like to show more of my design work, if people are interested.

Right, that’s pretty much it, so I won’t outstay my welcome. Expect more posts soon, and have an amazing day!

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