Gaming Photo Album: Dragon Age: Inquisition

As I continue to dig through my archives of game captures (and delight in documenting them here), we get to Dragon Age: Inquisition. This was a game I fell in love with early in my ownership of a PlayStation 4. Bought shortly after Christmas 2014 (therefore, into early 2015), it became one of those sprawling games ideal for hunkering down in the winter months. Inquisition was my first foray with the Dragon Age series – and so far the only one, too, even if the previous entries being available on Game Pass is very tempting). After around 100+ hours with the game, it’s fair to call myself a fan! Split into several large open-worlds instead of being set in one huge one, it felt both expansive yet manageable to explore, and the plethora of diverse and engaging characters really brought it alive; that isn’t even mentioning the multi-class combat that encourages player agency, or the sheer amount of lore to dive into should you so choose. In a way, it’s a journal of a game that you fill in for yourself as you discover each new location, character, and plot development. This ended up being reflected in my many screenshots taken along the way; whilst Inquisition lacks the Photo Mode and associated options that lots of more recent games have adopted, just flicking through some of the areas and landmarks I visited has a certain comforting nostalgia of its own. Hopefully, I can share some of that with you below, where I have displayed some screenshots from the adventure my Inquisitor (named Emmalyn) went on!


General Landscapes



Close the Rift

Dragon Sightings

Hakkon Fight


Desert Evening




Dog/Wolf Figures

The Dreamer

Rain Landscapes


Bridge Views

Redheads & Dog Lords

This Gaming Photo Album felt like putting together a scrapbook of moments from my time with Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I hope you got something out of it! For other Gaming Photo Album posts, you can go here. Have an amazing day!

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