Blog Update: Things Change, Things Stay the Same

Hi everyone! You may have noticed my blog posting has been a bit more erratic than usual lately, so I thought I’d write a quick update to explain what is going on – and to reaffirm that I’m very much still around and active! It’s important to me to keep this site running and regularly updated.

The crux of it is that it’s been quite a hectic time recently, as I have been moving into a new house in Norwich and balancing that with busy times at work. Where I’m living now makes it easier to socialise too (I know, shudder), which has inadvertently been taking up my time as well. My hope is that, now I am beginning to become more settled again, I can get back to my more predictable schedule, where I target the weekend for publishing my posts. Frankly, I’ve seen that views are higher when I stick to that consistent schedule!

The to-do list never ends

Even so, there might be a slight change in the style of posts I am writing. Nothing drastic, it might just be that my long-form reads – such as my game reviews – are more spaced-out, and there are more of the short and sweet posts such as Film in 500 (which, going by the reception, y’all seem to like!). You probably noticed that I’ve recently been alternating Gaming Photo Album with Film in 500, in fact, and that’s because they’re enjoyable and satisfying for me, and also less of a time commitment whilst a lot is going on in my life. It was slightly reaffirming to read similar considerations are taken in even by great blogs such as Irina’s at I Drink and Watch Anime!

So, yes, the main point of this blog update was just to say I’m still here, basically, and acknowledge I’ve been a bit scruffy lately. Whilst I’ve got your attention, though, I’d also like to point you to some other ways you can follow what I’m doing! Since returning to Norwich, I’ve been posting again on Instagram regularly, so you can follow me there, and remember that my friends Stephen Brown and Jed Harling have set up a currently bi-monthly games podcast, Friendly Fire!

Right, then, I think that’s basically it. Hopefully you’ll look forward to sticking around here, and be sure to tell me if you have any preferences on the types of post I publish! Have an amazing day!

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