Friendly Fire Podcast, Episode 2: Frontrunners for Game of the Year 2021

Hi there! If you have read some of my recent posts, you might know that Stephen Brown, Jed Harling, and I finally started a video game podcast called Friendly Fire. This talk show has us talking about specific topics in the gaming sphere, with a friendly competitive edge where we do not refrain from calling each other out and debating our opinions. Following on from our initial episode, where we talked over our highlights from E3 2021, our sophomore entry is focused around the topic of Game of the Year; not just the conceit of it, but our individual frontrunners for that title so far in 2021, and the prospect of upcoming games that might take their spots. It is a good opportunity for us to also introduce our personal tastes and the sorts of games we have been playing this year, so I encourage you to have a listen if you get time!

The video link is posted below; if you could support us by either leaving a Like, subscribing to our channel, or even offering a bit of advice, it would be very much appreciated. We hope you enjoy!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read/watch/listen. For more collaborative posts you can go to my Tags & Collabs or Let’s Chat articles. Have an amazing day!

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