Gaming Photo Album: Forza Horizon 4

Are you ready for pretty pictures of cars? Because I’ve got some for you, in this latest entry into my Gaming Photo Album series. Now, I know that not everyone is into the genre of games that Forza represents so well, and that is fair enough. Soon after buying an Xbox Series S and Game Pass with it, Forza Horizon 4 was a game on the subscription service that stood out – and upon downloading it, I discovered that it was a showcase for both the technical upgrade of my new console, and also the sheer amount of content within the Horizon sub-series of Forza. As opposed to the more simulation-based Forza Motorsport games, Horizon is more of an open-world experience containing a lot of exploration between the competitive events.

Forza Horizon 4 has a UK setting, with plenty of rolling fields and atmospheric locales, where you can take your time to appreciate the cars, tracks, and scenery. Playing into that is the impressive photo mode on offer; not only are there a lot of options for playing with the focus, filter, angles, and more, but you can upload the photos to the in-game community so that other players can see them. The game showcases different accounts and photos, too, to encourage interaction. However, it isn’t immediately clear that you need to upload your photos to save them, and subsequently I did lose a bunch of my early captures. Still, eventually I realised my mistake, and started to build up a selection of my own photos, mostly whilst driving around my pristine white Lotus Exige. Again, I realise these photos won’t do something for everyone… but, look! Pretty Cars, right?!










Other Vehicles



On Road

There you go, then; some of my photos from Forza Horizon 4! When the follow-up, the aptly-named Forza Horizon 5, releases later this year, I shall probably dive into it through Game Pass, and the new setting of Mexico has the potential for plenty of vibrant in-game environments. For more of my Gaming Photo Album posts, you can go here. Have an amazing day!

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