Gaming Photo Album: Control

Hi! This post is a bit later than usual for me; it’s been a busy weekend, as I have attended the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. However, I have been preparing another Gaming Photo Album from my stockade to show you all this week! This time around, it is for Control, the critically-acclaimed, third-person, dimension-altering release from Remedy. In terms of the game itself, there were definite high points and low points (which I may discuss further in a future post), but one area Control certainly delivers is the Photo Mode. With the strong lines, bold colours, and intriguing patterns that make up the distinctive aesthetic of Control, it provides a lot of opportunity for the photographers out there. Though, I will say that on my base PlayStation 4 (which is where I took all these images), the framerate – which was a noticeable issue throughout my playtime – really struggled whenever I went in and out of the menu to get to Photo Mode. Still, once you get through that, there is an impressive – though not innovative – selection of options, including the sort of angle, focus, and filter effects that you may have come to expect from the Photo Modes in modern games. It really is the material on offer for you to capture that makes it here, with such a unique visual flair. You can see some of my snaps below; the selection is not too extensive (a lot of the time I was focusing on attempting to understand the story, aha!), but I quite like some of my results. Let’s go!

Jesse Faden


New Planes


Control Point


Shifting Perspectives

The Hiss


Boss Fights

There you go, then; my curated selection of images from Control! If you’d like to see more of my Gaming Photo Album posts, such as my recent entry for Horizon Zero Dawn, you can go here. Have an amazing day!

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