Gaming Photo Album: Horizon Zero Dawn

After all that E3 coverage, it’s now time to return to one of my long-running semi-regular features: Gaming Photo Album! This time it is a game I adore, Horizon Zero Dawn; a phenomenal action-adventure game from Guerrilla Games with a wonderful Photo Mode, letting you capture the various details of the world with filters, angle options, different poses for Aloy, and more. During my playtime, I had a lot of fun playing around with said Photo Mode – you can see the results in the catalogue of images below, which range from profile shots to action moments and more.

With Horizon Forbidden West not too far away, the excitement for the series is ratcheting up, and I imagine there is going to be another awesome set of tools for taking screenshots in the sequel! With the power of the PlayStation 5, too, it’s gonna be spectacular visually – Hmm… Not sure how long I can resist getting a PS5…

For now, though, here are my pictures from Horizon Zero Dawn! As a clarification, this includes images taken during playing the DLC The Frozen Wilds, as well. In addition, these were all taken on a base PlayStation 4, and when I used a border and/or logo, that was a conscious choice of my own. Enjoy!

Aloy Profiles

Aloy Profiles – The Frozen Wilds

Combat (Bow)

Combat (Staff)


Machines Attack

Stormbird Fight



Discoveries – The Frozen Wilds

Other Characters

Dark Skies



Jump For It

Snowfall – The Frozen Wilds

Bonus Round:
Hmm, Is This Enough Traps??!

I’m not sure, myself

Searching for more Horizon? There was recently a State of Play showing off the sequel, which you can read my thoughts on here, and I also have reviews of Horizon Zero Dawn and aforementioned DLC The Frozen Wilds here on this site. Furthermore, you can see more of my Gaming Photo Album posts at this link. Have an amazing day!

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