Blog Update: We (Finally) Started A Video Game Podcast!

It’s finally happened – after much deliberation and delay, some friends and I decided to begin a video game podcast! We have named it Friendly Fire; a name which has origins in the occasional friction of our supposedly-co-operative online multiplayer games together, for example on Zombie Army 4: Dead War and Nine Parchments! This is a podcast where those involved will bring some sort of gaming-related opinion to the table each episode, with the others not refraining from voicing their own point of view in response. It’ll remain friendly, but that does not mean we won’t call each other out!

E3 2021 seemed a good jumping-off point for the podcast, with so much to talk about from the show. For the inaugural episode, Stephen Brown, Jed Harling, and I joined together (you may recognise those names from the Let’s Chat articles here) to make a list of our ten highlights from the show. Within this list of ten are some personal picks for each of us, as well as some group choices where we all had something to say. To start with, we have uploaded it to YouTube; you can watch/listen below! We are working on getting it onto other platforms such as Spotify and Apple, so bear with us on those. It’d be amazing if you could take the time to have a listen and potentially even give us some feedback. We know there are some areas of the audio to refine and level out, which should improve as we do more episodes; feel free to give us any advice.

Here is the YouTube link!

More links shall be added here over time, as we upload the podcast onto other platforms.

This was a brief update post, but quite a lot of work has gone into setting this podcast up; so thank you for taking the time to read and listen. If you enjoyed the podcast, subscribing to our YouTube channel would be awesome too, but no pressure! We have a rough target of one episode a month currently, so more content should be on the way relatively soon. Have an amazing day!

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