Gaming Photo Album: God of War

This week, I’m returning to my semi-regular Gaming Photo Album series; there are quite a few games I have images saved up for to do these, and this time I am going to cover the snaps I took in my recent playthrough of God of War! For the #MaybeInMarch event I took on the critically-acclaimed 2018 game from Santa Monica Studios, as it had been on my backlog for a long time; one of the many joys I found within was a comprehensive Photo Mode, which offered the player lots of ways to craft awesome screenshots from the detailed character models and varied scenery. Bear in mind that these are images I naturally took along the way, so do not expect me to cover every set piece, conversation, fight, etc. – sometimes I am distracted from photo opportunities due to intense scenarios, aha!

It seemed like a good time to do one of these posts, before E3 hits and there is all of that news to discuss. Speaking of, keep an eye out for coverage both before and after the show here; currently, I am in the planning stages on the form this will take. How is it June already? Ridiculous.

Below is my image collection from God of War, I hope you enjoy!

Kratos Close-Up


Boat Trip



Realm Travel

Battle Stance

The Rising Tide

Silhouettes & Shadows

Scale of Events



For more of my Gaming Photo Album posts, you can go here; this includes other PlayStation exclusives such as the Uncharted games. Have an amazing day!

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