Blog Update: Thanks for 100 Follows!

Hi there, and welcome to another of my occasional blog updates. The main reason for this one is to touch on the site recently reaching 100 followers! Whilst it is perhaps a relatively small milestone, it feels significant to me; so, whilst I am going to keep this short (I would like to avoid being self-congratulatory) I did think I should express how thankful I am to everyone who has taken the time to read or follow! In addition, it is a brilliant opportunity to have this featured image – not that I imagine you all as Kuriboh… Aha!

Indeed, then: thank you! Whether you have read one of my articles or them all, I greatly appreciate it; and if you then decided to follow me and keep track of my various posts, that is incredible to me. Personally I think that if I have had a positive influence on even one person through sharing my opinions, then that is something wonderful. The WordPress community has been very welcoming, and hopefully I can meet more and more people in the upcoming days, months, and years!

A suitable time for celebratory anime GIFs, no? Source: GIPHY

Whilst I am here, let’s talk about my plans for the site this year. Firstly, I am committed to keeping up regular posts, hopefully with at least one every week going forward. This is going to continue to be a mix of Let’s Chat, Gaming Photo Album, reviews, and editorial posts; the latter is a fun way to have some different styles of writing and format, as with my recent article on the genres that Supergiant Games could tackle next. As ever, I shall attempt to keep the range of content fresh!

Beyond that, my initial experiences with some game streaming last year gave me a taste for it, and now that my new PC is built, making video content should be more efficient; that is still on the way! The main hold-up there may be that I recently got a new job (woo!) and when I start that in the not-too-distant future, I am inevitably going to be newly distributing my available time. I will not disappear, though!

Hmm… Another GIF? Oh, ok then! Source: Let’s Duel

My mind is filled with lots of ideas for articles, it is just a matter of going through them one by one! For example, I recently finished playing through The Medium on Xbox Series S and thought it was fantastic – I am excited to share more on that. The balance is creating all these posts and also getting through my backlog of games, films, and TV! We need more hours in the day, eh?

Furthermore, I am going to be a part of some cool collaborations with other creators very soon, so watch out for those! Meeting new people through blogging has been one of several awesome aspects about getting back into it last year, and joining forces is going to have spectacular results! As with some of my personal projects, you are going to have to wait and see…

Oh, you are after an article hint? Source: sithisis

That is almost all I was planning to say! Once again, thank you to all who take the time to be here and/or support me in any way. 2021 is still going to present challenges to the world, but there is gonna be much joy to find, too – I can feel it. It is time for me to get back to all those posts I was talking about. Have an amazing day!

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