Gaming Photo Album: Sea of Thieves

Seriously, one of my favourite features of the Xbox Series S is the ease of taking screenshots. The input is well-placed in the middle of the controller with lots of surrounding space, making it inviting to press as you play (pro tip – turn off the notifications for when recordings begin and end, it stops your captures intruding). Subsequently connecting my console to my OneDrive account allows me to send over the images and videos for efficient sharing, either with my friends, on social media, or here in Gaming Photo Album! One of the multitude of games that has had me filling my Series S storage with screenshots is Sea of Thieves, a seafaring multiplayer game from Rare that I acquired access to through Game Pass. Whether in intense fights or serenely sailing the seas, there is plenty of opportunity for capturing amazing moments – and I tried to do just that, with the results of my efforts sorted into various categories below, and featuring the occasional cameo appearances of other players! Enjoy!

Golden Horizons

Ship Shape

Island Adventures

On Board

Blue Skies

Sailing Point of View



In Sight

Fire & Water






Ship Going Down


Starry Sky

I hope you enjoyed this Gaming Photo Album article. There are already plans for the next few entries into this series, so I am confident I can keep it up; suggestions for games I could cover are welcome too! As ever, if you have any feedback on the types of images, format of the post with the new slideshows, or any other aspect of the article, do let me know in the comments! To see the rest of the Gaming Photo Album series, you can click here. Have an amazing day!

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