Merry Christmas & Festive Videogame Art

Scrolling through my feed this morning, on 25th December 2020, Christmas Day, the amount of positive messages and posts has been a delight. It has been a tough, tough year, and it is wonderful to see the continued outpouring of well wishes whether you celebrate Christmas or not. So I felt compelled to add my voice to the mix!

Therefore, here is a short post to say Merry Christmas to all you fine folk; I hope you are having a fun and safe time with your loved ones! Enjoy yourselves, as this is a year that has asked a lot from us, and we all deserve the time off to ourselves. Perhaps time for lots of snacks and lots of gaming, hm?

Furthermore, I thank all of you who have taken the time to be here, whether that be reading a post, posting a comment, sharing it around, or offering feedback. Getting back to writing has been one of the positives for me in 2020, and subsequently finding a community full of hard working, friendly, and inclusive people with similar hobbies has been a joy I honestly did not expect to find, and am so grateful I did!

Now, as it is Christmas, I am not going to leave it there without offering some kind of gift! So I present the following; 7 pieces of awesome festive videogame art I have seen that hopefully brighten your day as they did mine! The source for each is in their respective captions.

Artwork for 2020 hit Hades from Joanne Tran on the Supergiant Blog!
Christmas Artwork for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, found on Zelda Wiki
Dawn, Abomasnow, Froslass, and Glaceon from Pokémon, uploaded by fumbleweed on Danbooru
Merry Christmas – adorable Samus artwork by SplashBrush on DeviantArt
Yes, it says 2020 – but this Jill Valentine Resident Evil 3 art is too cute not to include, by Moe Dimension
Villagers Christmas – a piece of Animal Crossing art by Orioto on DeviantArt
Artwork of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, found via Abadon Asawa on Pinterest

Once again: Merry Christmas!

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