My Ever-Changing Opinion on Trophies

I like collecting; both in reality, and in games, it gives me satisfaction, whether it be my physical library of games or my vinyl collection. So, platform-spanning systems such as Achievements or Trophies very much play into that; yet, it's always a fascinating balance of whether I feel as though I'm going after them for … Continue reading My Ever-Changing Opinion on Trophies

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Developed by: MediatonicPublished by: Devolver DigitalPlatforms: PlayStation 4, PCRelease Date: Out Now Since the reveal trailer in the 2019 Devolver Direct, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been a game I have had my eye on, and the decision to make it a PS Plus game this August has served to put it even more in … Continue reading Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Review

Developed and Published by: CapcomPlatforms: Switch (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PCRelease Date: Out Now After the successes of Revelations, a sequel is a welcome addition to the Resident Evil series, informing us further about the events that transpire in the gaps between the numbered entries. Whilst the initial … Continue reading Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Review

Apply Respect and Reason to the Gaming Hype Cycle

The announcement of the Indie World presentation for Nintendo Switch (airing at 5pm UK time today, Tuesday 18th) and some of the discussion around it, has made me want to put down in words how I hope we can be more reasonable about the expectations we have of game companies. So bear with me for … Continue reading Apply Respect and Reason to the Gaming Hype Cycle

My Top Ten Films of 2019: #5-#1

It's happening. I'm actually getting My Top Ten Films up to date (for now) with my five favourite films of 2019 (you can click here for #10-#6!). Take a read of my opinions below! As usual, I shall clarify; this is going by UK release date, so a film such as Vice counts for 2019. … Continue reading My Top Ten Films of 2019: #5-#1

Paper Mario: The Origami King Review

Developed by: Intelligent SystemsPublished by: NintendoPlatform: SwitchRelease Date: Out Now There aren't that many games that make me laugh out loud, but this one? I was frequently chuckling to myself whilst playing Paper Mario: The Origami King, to the point where it glossed over some of the major issues with this game - not to … Continue reading Paper Mario: The Origami King Review