Blog Update: Time for a New Mission!

So, after being pretty active on here a few months ago, I suddenly disappeared with little explanation. Yeah, guilty – but here I am now. After graduating from University last year, I was looking for a design job whilst writing for both this blog and the website Tanuki Bridge. A few months ago, I found such a job, and one I pretty promptly had to put my focus into.

At the same time, I was writing daily for Tanuki Bridge to make sure I was keeping this side of my life going. That included Tanuki Talk, a version of the “Let’s Chat” pieces that are on this blog (where Ashley Harrison and I chat about different topics in the games industry). Now has come a time, however, where the daily articles have become less enjoyable than they used to be, and I’ve decided to change the style of my writing commitment from now onwards.

That doesn’t mean no more words from me, however (sorry, you’re not getting rid of me that easy). The discussion articles each Monday will be continuing, and there will be at least one other substantial piece each week, whether it be a review, feature, or something else. Having an output for certain thoughts I have whilst playing games, watching movies, watching TV, or reading comics is something I find very satisfying and a way to get closure on the media that gets me invested in some way.

My main way of curating these thoughts is going to be through this blog, WCRobinson, as it lets me put more of my own individual imprint on how I publish content. To reiterate: each week there will be at least two articles, on Mondays and Saturdays – and I have plans to expand from that in the future, whether it be additional pieces such as Gaming Photo Album or putting more focus into video content.

The new articles will start soon after E3 with the next Tanuki Talk/Let’s Chat. I’ll see you then!

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